About Glaziers

Everything You Need To Know About The Role Of A Glazier

There are plenty of articles and even videos on the internet that try to explain how to fix broken gas or even how to go about glass installation. Unfortunately, it is not a wise idea to attempt handling such a technical task unless you possess the requisite skills. A glazier is a skilled craftsman who specialises in handling glass material and is thus responsible for cutting, trimming and fitting glass substrates. This piece seeks to enlighten you on what glazing is all about as well as providing tips on how to select the most suitable glazier for your needs.

Training and apprenticeship

Because glazing is a technical and involving job, all aspiring glaziers are required to enroll in an accredited technical institution where they are taught the skills of the trade. From there, they are required to undergo an apprenticeship program to gain valuable practical experience and to further sharpen their skills. The whole training and apprenticeship can take three to four years.

Services offered by glaziers

Glass is a material that is commonly used on windows, doors, partitions, automobiles, aircraft, and furniture. Professional glaziers are usually skilled in a broad range of tasks. The most common include

• Removing old, worn out and broken glass
• Installing replacement glass
• Cutting glass workpieces to the requires size and shape
• Fastening glass into frames or sashes
• Adding putty and weather seal around pane edges and joints

To provide the above services, glaziers will often work with a variety of tools such as glass-cutting blades, glazing knives, drills, saws, putty, scrapers, grinders, and sandpaper. Glass repair and installation is a risky job; all glass craftsmen are required to wear protective gear to minimize the risk of injury.

Tips on how to select a suitable glazier

Professionalism: It is essential to only work with people who possess the necessary skills to handle glass materials. A professional glazier will always insist on visiting your premises to understand the requirements of the job at hand. Furthermore, professionals possess a broad knowledge of the glass industry meaning they can handle anything you throw at them.

Years of experience: The more experience a glazier is, the higher the probability of benefiting from high quality of service. An experienced glass handler is also in a better position to understand emerging trends in the industry. Finally, remember to ask a lot of questions to determine if the glazier is fit for the job.

Cost of service provision: though you may want to work with the best glaziers in your region, it is advisable to ensure that their asking price matches the quality of services offered. With that said, your glazier of choice should charge a reasonable price that is in line with market rate.